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ebay cheaters

I really hate ebay cheaters, you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that outbid you with sneaky auction bidding software when there are 8 seconds left, leaving you with no time to rebid. I fucking hate that shit. And, it's always some random person who hasn't put in any bids yet. Bastards! I'm trying to save some money on this house project and I finally found something that would be perfect but now it's gone. Meh! :(
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You know what is really funny, is when you are looking to buy a certain item.

And you find that a particular vendor has like four of that item up for sale, but the auctions all end at different times. And they are like "absolutely no reserve! Bidding starts at $1!!"

And nobody has any bids on any of the items. So you bid on the LAST one, the auction that ends in four days instead of two hours or one day or two days. And then all of a sudden, somebody bids the price of that item up to $25? And nobody has bid on the other items yet?
Ha! Yup. I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened to me yet. I'm little miss anxious, antsy-pants so if I see something I like, I buy it. Usually it is that there are 4 of them ending at different times, I buy the first one I see and then find it for a lot cheaper a day later from another seller!

I guess ebay has it's flaws for everyone. :)