DeathWaif (deathwaif) wrote,

I'm back... and married! :)

Hey everyone. I am back, actually since the 2nd of November but I haven't had time to do anything but plan for my reception which thankfully took place on Saturday. The wedding was wonderful and the trip was great too. Pictures will be up soon. Back to the grind, working late every day this week to make up for time I took off last week to finish up for the party, and I guess for the day I took of for settlement on our house. I don't mind staying late. I actually prefer it because all the people that bug me all day long have gone home so it's nice and quiet during that last hour of the day. I actually get work done! :)

Well, I don't have enough time to go into the trip now so I guess I won't say anything. Just glad to be home safe and sound.

PS, What happened to LJ while I was gone. It looks different when I log in. Kinda freaked me out.
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