DeathWaif (deathwaif) wrote,

Tree' cut or not to cut

I'm having a dilema right now deciding if I should chop the tree's that are within a foot of the house. They are large, probably 100 year old trees so I feel bad cutting them down BUT they are 1 foot from the house making it impossible to paint, dangerous in a storm, and they block the house so you can't see it's beautiful victorian features. There are still plenty of old tall tree's in the yard so I guess it should be okay. I'll also be able to do some serious landscaping near the house if the tree's are removed.

ARgh! Why did they have to plant them so close!!?!?!

I'm going to take some decent photo's tomorrow so I can actually post them and you'll see what I'm talking about. Maybe then it will make more sense.
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