DeathWaif (deathwaif) wrote,

I know I'm a little late on this one...

Last night I did my grocery shopping. We don't celebrate Valentines day by the way, we feel it's one of those "manufactured-by-the-greeting-card-companies" holidays that makes single people feel bad. Anyway, remembering slightly that it actually was Valentines yesterday I kept noticing as I was walking through the produce section, which is also where they keep the flowers, there were a LOT of men picking out bouquets and then rushing back to the register. And keep in mind this was at like 7pm. Could you be any later guys? Okay so maybe this was only amusing to me. I needed something to amuse me while I'm grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. In fact if I did celebrate Valentines, I think I would want my present to be that my man went to the store for me and got everything just right. But like I said, I don't celebrate Valentines! :)
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